Non-glass, unbreakable advanced ISFET pH-sensors

Referece Erectrode R2K712

The Standard Reference Electrode R2K712

The replaceable reference electrode R2K712 is new model which is possible to make one-drop measurement without any contamination and improve the pH-responses of ISFET-pH meters. The R2K712 is compatible with the MiniLab pH meters of IQ120, IQ125 and IQ128 only.

The Authorized Standard Reference:
A copycat from Hach &
IQ Sientific # RF01-01

Please note: Recently, a copycat of the reference electrode have been found. Hach Co, of USA is selling an imitation now which will perform far below, contaminates the sample solution and occurs slow response due to a complete failure in modularity as shown in above. Please do not use the copycat from Hach for our products. If you use the copycat with our products, we can not take responsibility.


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