Non-glass, unbreakable advanced ISFET pH-sensors

Pocket ISFETpH Meter S2K712

ISFET pH meter S2K712: Resolution 0.1pH



The Advanced ISFET sensor technology will make rugged modular design structure, eliminate the problems of fragile glass electrodes and be free from care of 2-, or 3-point calibration.


  • Non-glass, unbreakable advanced ISFET pH-sensors
  • On chip temperature sensor
  • Display pH and temperature
  • Measure samples as small as one drop
  • Replaceable reference electrode
  • Waterproof
  • Stable readings in seconds, fast response time
  • Convenient one-point calibration, be free from care of 2-, or 3-point calibration
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Automatic buffer recognition
  • Over 150 hours life on one watch battery
  • Automatic power off
  • Error messages alert you to incorrect calibration or meter failures
SensorSilicon chip ISFET
On chip Temp. sensor
Range2∼12pH  0∼50℃
FunctionsOne-point (2-point) calibration, automatic
,temperature compensation, waterproof
automatic power off, error massages
Resolution0.1pH 1℃
Accuracy±0.05pH ±1℃
Operating Temp. Range5∼40℃
Power ON:
will flash in turn
Calibration1 point with 3 points auto-cal. memory,
Battery life150 hours (approx)


ModelS2K712 (S2K922)KS701,723
Range2∼12pH  0∼50℃2∼12pH
DisplaypH and ℃0nly pH
Accuracy ±0.05pH ±1℃±0.2pH
Operating Temp. Range 5∼40℃5∼40℃
Temperature CompensationAutomaticnone
Calibration1 point with 3 points auto-cal. memory, 2.0pH-12.0pH ( Optional 2 points )KS701:1 point
KS723:2 points
PowerCR2032 X 1CR2032 X 2

The Standard Reference Electrode R2K712 

The replaceable reference electrode R2K712 is new model which is possible to make one-drop measurement without any contamination and improve the pH-responses of ISFET-pH meters. The R2K712 is compatible with the MiniLab pH meters of IQ120, IQ125 and IQ128 only.

The Authorized Standard Reference:
A copycat from Hach &
IQ Sientific # RF01-01

Please note: Recently, a copycat of the reference electrode have been found. Hach Co, of USA is selling an imitation now which will perform far below, contaminates the sample solution and occurs slow response  due to a complete failure in modularity as shown in above. Please do not use the copycat from Hach for our products. If you use the copycat with our products, we can not take responsibility.


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