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The Revolution in  Rugged design of pH mater


The Advanced ISFET technology will make rugged design, Easy-to-use, eliminate the problems of fragile glass electrodes and be free from care of 2-, or 3-point calibration.


The Ecological Design Rules of ISFET pH Meters

What are the differences between the ISFET pH meter and the glass electrode type pH meter.

Fragile Glass Electrode

Fragile Glass Electrode

The pH meters S2K series make of  use a silicon semiconductor called ISFET as a pH sensor. ISFET is an acronym for Ion-Sensitive Field-Effect Transistor . Because the potential at the solution/gate film field changes according to the pH of a solution, when the solution touches the gate insulation film of ISFET sensor, it senses the pH of the solution. ISFET was developed by making use of our latest microelectronics and provides an alternative to the glass electrodes that cracked easily. ISFET pH meters are the only meters that can measure the pH of a samples as small as one drop. Moreover, the semiconductor technology allows quick temperature measurement by integrating a temperature sensor, and the ecological design rules are offering a pH meter that is more convenient and robustness than glass electrode type pH meters. Everyone should be encouraged to try this pH meter that is accurate, portable, and can be used anywhere with ease.

Convenient and Precise 1 point Calibration

We recommend 1-point calibration, why not 2-points calibration?
The pH response sensitivity of the S2K series pH meters changes very little because the pH sensitivity in ISFET (Ion- Sensitive Field-Effect Transistor) type pH meters is based on a mechanism of a change in potential on the solution gate film depending on the pH of the solution applied. The sensitivity of the ISFET pH sensors only changes when the thin film covering the semiconductor is damaged or dirt adheres to the induction film. In such cases, there will be a dramatic change in sensitivity. There is no deterioration of sensitivity even if it dries out or is not used for a long period of time. In glass electrode pH meters the membrane on the glass thins and deteriorates over time, causing a change in pH sensitivity. This is one reason that when using glass electrode type pH meters, two-point calibrations are necessary. As a result, in many countries around the world, two-point calibrations are required by industry standards. In an ideal world, pH meters would require no calibration. So some users may be frustrated with the two-point calibrations that add expense and consume precious time. But because of the delicate nature of their components, it is an inevitable task when using glass electrode pH meters. On the other hand, with our ISFET pH sensors the change in pH sensitivity is extremely small . Because the pH sensitivity is set in our factory and does not fluctuate, troublesome two-point calibrations are not needed with our pH meters. Since there is no significant deterioration in sensitivity, our company takes the position that it is not necessary to comply with industrial guidelines designed to insure accuracy and stability of sensitivity of delicate glass electrode type pH meters. Needless to say, the above applies ONLY to ISFETCOM, Co., Ltd. pH meters, not to ISFET type pH meters made by other manufacturers.

Shindengen ISFET pHmeter KS701,723 and IQ120,125

Thank you very much for purchasing the ISFET-pH meters KS701, 723 and the OEM productions  IQ120, 125 by Shindengen.

Shindengen and we are a Japanese based engineering company that has been a major producer of  ISFET pH sensors and ISFET pH meters. Since 1976, Shindengen had suppling the ISFET pH meters, KS701, 723 in Japan and the OEM productions of  the models of IQ120, 125 for  IQ scientific. The Original ecologocal, economical design of those ISFET pH meters first  have be done by Shindengen in the world.  Unfortunately, those models have been discontinued in October of 2008. But ISFETCOM has been supplying upgraded models of  ISFET pH meter, S2K712,922 and Reference electrodeR2K712, as alternative that will meet your present, as well as future needs. Please understand that upgraded models are now available. If, you have either old model or replaceable reference that you would like to upgrade, we are the people to ask.


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