Non-glass, unbreakable advanced ISFET pH-sensors


Discontinued and Alternate ; IQ scientific minilab IQ120, 125

Thank you very much for purchasing the ISFET-pH meters KS701, 723 and the OEM productions IQ120, 125 by Shindengen. We are a Japanese based engineering company that has been a major producer of ISFET pH sensors and meters. Since 1976, Shindengen had been supplying the ISFET pH meters. The first “truly modular” pocket pH meter design was Shindengen’s KS701, 723 in 1997, and then the OEM productions of minilab IQ120, 125 for IQ scientific. By Shindengen those modular design is a cut above everyone also in tern of quality in the world. But now those models have been discontinued in October of 2008. In 2007, ISFETCOM made a fresh start …

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The Beginning of the ISFET “REVOLUTION”, dated 1970 and 1972

The Letter from Prof. Bergveld to Prof. Matsuo Although my first publications about the development of ISFETs, dated 1970 and 1972, suggest that this is the beginning of the ISFET “revolution”, in reality the research actually started in 1966. In this year my research effort in the field of biomedical measurements, especially those concerning the measurement of local ion concentration variations, could be extended in the direction of silicon electrodes, because at that time Professor Memelink started his MOS research at our University. This was a unique possibility to combine electrode development and MOS technology, leading to the development of ISFETs. As a pioneer in this field I had to fright against …

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